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As a kid-centric innovation consultancy, we help organisations fix real problems and create mindful and inclusive causes, products, and services. Kids have organisational and collaborational skills unencumbered by what is "fit and proper". They aren't shackled by norms, structures, and heirarchies, and other artificial constructs which are things grown-ups struggle to unlearn. Vivita kids have worked with established corporations, small startups, local municipalities, libraries, museums, and citizen initiatives to improve their service offerings.

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Parents need to understand the importance of providing children with opportunities to learn and grow. Vivita creativity studios, aka Vivistops, offer a safe and engaging environment for kids to explore new interests and acqurie skills through hands-on projects and technology-based learning. With our focus on self-directed experimentation and real-life projects, your child can learn without the fear of failure.

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Looking to enhance the educational experience for students and other patrons?‍In our studios, we develop educational methods and new ways to make learning, designing, and innovating with kids exciting and effortless. From schools to youth centers, libraries, and other educational platforms, our ways of working and our tools can be integrated into organisations and curriculums.

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Inspired by Vivita's mission to empower children through hands-on learning and creativity?‍There are many ways to get involved and make a difference. Through volunteering, applying for a job, or even opening your own Vivistudio, you can play a role in helping children unleash their full potential.